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About Us

London Serviced Apartments are the ultimate holiday accommodation enjoying executive accommodation and space in your favourite area of London. Privacy, space and cooking facilities is what self-catering is all about. A serviced apartment is at least 30% bigger than a standard hotel room making it an ideal accommodation for families, groups, corporate or leisure providing excellent value for money.
London short stay apartments listed in this site are either owned by London Booking or we have exclusive rights from the owners enabling us to offer you guaranteed lowest rates and support throughout your stay.
We have accumulated a depth of experience in negotiating London hotel and serviced apartment rates. Our personal knowledge of the handpicked selection of London hotels and serviced apartments means that each and everyone is ideally placed to suit the ultimate holiday or business travel experience.
Whether you are looking for weekend accommodation in London, need accommodation in London from 1 nights stay to an extended period of stay or perhaps planning a business visit, please do contact us, we will be delighted to assist you with your London accommodation requirements.

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