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Cancelation Policy

The following conditions apply to accommodation bookings made by you through your usage of London Booking website. London Booking may alter these conditions at any time without prior notice.


Making a booking

It is your responsibility to submit accurate information and mention any special requirements at the time of booking.



No modification fee will be charged.


Use of the LondonBooking website

In addition to these terms, London Booking terms and condition of business shall apply to all bookings made through LondonBooking.co.uk


Cancellations and Non-Arrivals

Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email in case you need to cancel your stay. If you cancel according to the cancellation policy of the hotel/ apartment, it will be free of charge. We recommend you read the cancellation policy of the hotel/ apartment carefully. If you cancel later than requested by the hotel/ apartment or do not show up, the hotel/ apartment might charge you a fee which in most cases is the equivalent for a one night stay. Note, LondonBooking will not charge you any cancellation fee whatsoever.


Group or Extended Stay Bookings

When making reservations for 10 people or more, or 21 nights or more, your booking will be subject to the accommodation provider's group/long stay booking policy. You may need to pay a proportion of the balance prior to arrival.

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