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Accommodation in Victoria & Westminster

Victoria is an informal area of inner city London, lying wholly within the City of Westminster, and named after Victoria of the United Kingdom.

The area is vaguely defined as the streets around, and named after Victoria Station, including Victoria Street, the northern section of Buckingham Palace Road, Wilton Road, Grosvenor Gardens, Bressenden Place and Eccleston Street. The district consists predominantly of commercial property and social housing, with offices and shops lining most of the thoroughfares.

Westminster is a city in its own right, the twin to the ancient City of London further east and historically they jointly formed the focus of what is today reffered to as London. The Palace of Westminster came to be the principal royal residence after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, and later housed the developing Parliament and law courts of England. The neighbouring Westminster Abbey became the traditional venue of the coronation of England regents.

Westminster has therefore been the seat of royal, and later parliamentary, government and power for 900 years. As a result, many of its attractions are of an historical and cultural variety. Westminster very much retains a bustling, modern feel as the centre of British government and is often used as shorthand for Parliament and the political community (including the elected Government) of the United Kingdom generally.

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St George Wharf Apartments
Rates From:   £152.00 per night
Nestled in buildings that stand out of the skyline even from a distant with their seagull wings rooftops and stylish terraces, each of these two-bedroom London serviced apartments provide both long-term and short-term residents a graceful, elegant place to stay. With large, open innovative floor plans; amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, wireless Internet access, welcome packs and Freeview TV; and development features such as 24-hour security, concierge services, on-site grocery shops, we[...]
DH Apartments London Vauxhall
Rates From:   £115.00 per night
These stylish and modern apartments with private balconies are located in the St George Wharf development. The complex has a number of convenient facilities including shops, supermarket, restaurants and gym. The apartments are located at St George Wharf in the Vauxhall area of London. Less than 5 minute walk to Vauxhall Tube Station on the Victoria Line. 20 minute walk to Westminster, London Eye and the Southbank. There are available one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments spread[...]
Westminster Bridge Apartment
Rates From:   £256.00 per night
This is a modern 2 bedroom apartment ideally located in Zone 1 for both tourist and professionals. Settle in easily and make yourself home with all the comfort and convenience of your own living room and fully equipped kitchen. This apartment offers you the pleasure of your own walkout balcony in which to sit down with your morning cuppa or laze away with an afternoon book. The iconic London Eye is only a 5 minute walk away, leading you onto one of London’s best walks along the South Bank [...]
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